Nori has always been devoted to visual art. She is a self taught artist following her need for self expression. Her art works underline her most intimate, talented and mild side of her personality. Nori expresses her inner emotions throughtout her creativity. She transform the basic art of painting into a testing ground.

        She allows herself to be carried away by her emotions and natural instinct creating coulorful works, helped by visual materials. Nori doesn't always use traditional methods but enjoys taking everyday object and reworking them into dynamic works of art.

        An example of her - out of ordinary - creativity is her use of aluminium kitchen foil, such a gentle, tensile and tought material. She combines it with paint specific for glass, obtaing transparencies, reflections and nuances that delight the viewer!

Nori Costa, b. 1963 Milan, Italy

She had worked as sales responsible for many years in her family's company.
In 2005 she opened her own laboratory, in the Milan suburban area,
where she realizes her art works.

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